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Woman Quickly Realizes Why She Usually Pays A Groomer To Give Her Dog A Bath

He was NOT excited 😂

Leo is a year and a half old, and his mom has had him since he was just a puppy. He’s always been an incredibly energetic dog, and there’s never a dull moment when he’s around. 

“He’s a very outgoing and spontaneous dog, [and] loves everyone and every animal (except chickens),” Summer Lee, Leo’s mom, told The Dodo.

dog bath
Summer Lee

Since Leo is rather large and has so much energy, his mom usually takes him to the groomer whenever he needs a bath. Recently, though, Lee decided to try and give it a go on her own. The groomer has always told her that Leo is great when it comes to taking baths, so Lee crossed her fingers that he’d be just as well-behaved for her. 

But, of course, he wasn’t. 

dog bath
Summer Lee

Leo had absolutely no interest in getting into the tub, as hard as his mom tried to convince him. He stood with his paws on her shoulders instead, trying to convince her that he definitely didn’t need a bath at all. 

“He was not excited at first about the bath,” Lee said. 

Eventually, Lee had to pick Leo up (even though he’s about the same size she is) and gently lift him into the bath. At first he wasn’t sure, but eventually he settled down and realized he actually did want a bath after all. 

“After he got used to it, he sat and let me wash him and dry him off. After that he did a few zoomies around the house,” Lee said. 

dog bath
Summer Lee

Even though the bath was ultimately successful in the end, Lee has decided to keep taking Leo to the groomer for a bath from now on. With a dog as big and energetic as Leo, it’s probably better to leave it to the professionals!

“I have always paid a groomer to give Leo a bath, until today,” Lee wrote in a post on Facebook. “I can say with pride that I will from now on pay a groomer to give Leo a bath.”

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