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Woman Does The Nicest Thing To Help An Elderly Rat Enjoy Life Again

"She absolutely loves it."

 If there's one thing this dear old rat knows, it's how much her owner loves her.

Zodi is 2 and a half years old, putting her well into her golden years for her species. Though she still has the playful spirit of a much younger rat, Zodi has developed a condition called hind leg degeneration (HLD) — making it difficult for her to run around and explore like she used to.

Fortunately, the rat’s owner, Samantha Loran Martin, found the perfect way to help Zodi enjoy life to its fullest.

Samantha Loran Martin

"I noticed that when I held the back end of her body up so she didn't need to support it herself, she would try to move around so much faster than when she has her limited mobility hindering her," Martin told The Dodo.

With that in mind, Martin got creative.

"I came up with the idea to make her this sling-like contraption so that I can walk around with her, holding her back end up, to let her move around and explore a little faster," she said.

Here's video of Zodi in action:

Thanks to the simple sling — crafted from a sock and a long piece of fabric — Zodi is able to experience the world closer to the way she had in her younger days.

That's a priceless gift provided by the person who thinks the world of her.

"I thought it would be a fun and interesting experience for her, and I was right," Martin said. "She absolutely loves it, and actually gets excited when she sees it."

Zodi is a lucky rat to have such a thoughtful and caring friend.