Viral Video Shows Cat Knocking On Door Like A Human

"I genuinely couldn’t believe what I was seeing."

Last week, Sheekilah Jones was waiting to catch her bus to work when a curious sound began to reverberate through the quiet, early morning streets — the source of which was not immediately clear.

"I heard knocking," Jones told The Dodo. "[But] there was no one around."

Scanning her surroundings, Jones' eyes then landed upon this:

Sheekilah Jones

There, on a stoop a short ways away, Jones spotted a black cat perched atop a handrail near the door. And it soon became clear as to why.

As Jones look on, the cat proceeded to reach up and paw at the door's knocker — indicating, exactly like a human would, that he'd kindly like to be let inside.

"I genuinely couldn’t believe what I was seeing," Jones said.

She took video of the curious scene, lest no one else would believe it, either:

Evidently, the kitty had found a way of summoning his owner more effectively than, say, the quiet pitter-patter of his paws against the door. Unfortunately, though, Jones had to go before the cat's wish was granted.

"I was tempted to go and knock a bit harder for him, but then my bus came," she said. "So at that point I got on the bus, still in shock."

Jones' video has since gone viral, racking up millions of views in just a few days — proof that a cute cat is always welcome into the internet's collective heart. And especially so if he knocks.