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U.S. Embassy Issues Apology Over Accidental Invites To ‘Cat Pajama’ Party

"Sorry to disappoint ..."

Some things are just too good to be true. Sadly, this is one of them.

Last week, a curious email was sent out by the U.S. Department of State that deviated from the typical subject matter one might expect from the tight-buttoned government institution. The correspondence, labeled "Meeting", contained a photo of an adorable cat wearing a Cookie Monster onesie while holding a plate of cookies.

Recipients of the email were apparently being invited to something called a "cat pajama-jam."

Um, invitation accepted, obviously — but then the truth came out.

Though it's unclear how widespread the email was, it seems regions Down Under may have been the epicenter.

Officials at the U.S. Embassy in Canberra, Australia, later issued an apology — calling the invitation a "training error made by one of our new staff testing out our email newsletter platform.”

They knew they messed up.

“Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping to attend this ‘cat pajama-jam’ party, but such an event falls well outside our area of expertise,” Gavin Sundwall, U.S. Mission to Australia public affairs counselor, said in statement.

Needless to say, people were disappointed:

Interestingly, among those who had their hearts set on the "cat pajama-jam" being real, only to wind up having their dreams shattered, was the kitty at the center of it all.

Joey the cat's owner, who tweets under the username my_furry_babies, shared this image of the pajama-clad feline along with his own statement on the matter:

As far as diplomatic flubs go, it could have been worse. But it's still hard to shake the nagging suspicion that a "cat pajama-jam" will indeed take place, and we've just had our accidental invitation revoked.

If that's the case, somebody's got some real explaining to do.