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People Open Dumpster And See The Tiniest Puppy

He was so happy to see his rescuers ❤️️

Often when we throw things out, we just toss our trash into the garbage can or dumpster without a thought, or without peering down at what we’re tossing it into. Luckily, a Good Samaritan recently broke the trend when they went to throw something out in a dumpster and happened to look into it — and came across an awful sight. 

Someone had tossed a tiny, injured puppy into the dumpster in Kansas without a care, and simply left him there. He was huddled up in the middle of the trash, and was clearly very scared and confused. He didn’t belong there, and was so lucky that someone found him in time. 

The Good Samaritan immediately lifted the little puppy out of the dumpster and brought him to Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption, and no one at the rescue could believe where he’d been found. 

“There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to treat an animal this way and it absolutely disgusts us to think that someone could do this,” Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption wrote on its Facebook page. “We as humans can do better.”

The rescue staff decided to name the puppy Minimus, and determined that he was only around 2 months old. While he wasn’t in the best shape, they were hopeful that he’d be able to make a full recovery, despite everything that he’d been through. 

“He's in stable condition but covered in open, puncture-like, oozing wounds throughout his tiny little body and we're not quite sure what it is from,” the rescue wrote. “He will need to see a vet and be evaluated so we can get him whatever he needs to heal, but it might be costly. Nonetheless we are going to give this little guy the chance he deserves!” 

Even after his whole ordeal, the tiny puppy seemed so happy to see all his rescuers, and loved cuddling up with them in a soft towel — so much better than the cold, dark dumpster where he had come from. 

No matter what the situation is, there is never an excuse to abandon an animal in such a way. If someone had brought little Minimus straight to the rescue in the first place, they would have happily taken him in. 

Luckily, Minimus seems to be doing better now, and is currently resting and recovering in his foster home. He’s now available for adoption, and hopefully very soon he’ll have the best new forever family and will never have to worry about anything again. 

If you’re interested in adopting Minimus, you can contact Unleashed Pet Rescue and Adoption for more information.