Woman Catches Her Cat Returning Home With Stolen Goods

Max had been leading a secret life of crime.

About a year ago, something perplexing began happening to Jade Jefferies.

She began to receive newspapers to her New Zealand home — newspapers she did not subscribe to.

But it gets stranger yet.

Jade Jefferies

"They always have teeth marks in them," Jefferies told The Dodo.

Jade Jefferies

Jefferies said these inexplicable deliveries have been occurring several times a week since then. The true identity of the paperboy, however, always remained a mystery.

Still, given the bite marks, Jefferies began to suspect she knew who was behind it. 

Now she has proof.

Jade Jefferies

On Tuesday, Jefferies was at home when her son called her to the window. From a distance, they watched their rescue cat, Max, scampering through their neighbor's property on his way back home. But it soon became clear he hadn't been on some innocent adventure.

In Max's mouth was — you guessed it — a newspaper.

Here's footage of the furry thief in action:

And with that, the sweet indoor/outdoor cat's double life as a crook was uncovered.

"I've always had a feeling it was him," Jefferies said.

It's uncertain how many paying newspaper subscribers have been affected by this little crime spree, but thanks to Jefferies' video evidence, the culprit behind it is now clear.

It was Max.

Jade Jefferies

Sure, theft is typically nothing to smile about, but chances are Max's motives at least were pure. He was pretty much a feral cat when Jefferies and her family rescued him and took the time to get him acquainted with love. So, perhaps it's fair to assume that Max's ill-gotten gains were actually intended as gifts — a way of saying thanks.

Jefferies thinks that might be the case.

"He has a very unique personality," she said.