Dog Spends His Monday Cheering On Runners At Boston Marathon

Go, Spencer!!!

This is Spencer — not only is the 8-year-old therapy dog a certified good boy, but he’s also a great cheerleader.

The golden retriever and his dad, Rich Powers, go wherever they’re most needed. Spencer visits schools, hospitals and senior centers spreading joy — and, most notably, the Boston Marathon to cheer on the runners.

Spencer the therapy dog cheers on 2018 Boston Marathon runners
Facebook/Rich Powers

A video of Spencer sitting on a crate, holding two flags with the words “Boston Strong,” went viral during last year’s race with nearly 3 million views on Facebook.

Runners stopped to take photos and cooed over the adorable pooch’s uplifting presence. Powers even gave Spencer his coat to wear during the marathon so the dog could brave the cold, rainy weather in comfort.

This year, Spencer is back at it again. The one difference: He’s come prepared for the forecast.

Spencer donned a bright yellow raincoat of his own when clouds filled the sky, to help keep him dry and stand out in the crowd.

Dog cheers on Boston Marathon runners
Facebook/Rich Powers

Stationed near mile marker two, the encouraging pup held two Boston Strong flags in his mouth and seemed perfectly content to cheer on the athletes, rain or shine. He was a welcome presence as runners began the 26.2-mile course.

This dog is literally your #mondaymotivation.

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