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Adventurous Pup Sneaks Off To Hop Aboard Busy Commuter Train

When he opened his eyes, he was in Dublin.

Day-to-day routines sometimes need to be shaken up — and nobody knows this quite so well as a pup in Ireland who snuck away from his family to have a little adventure. 

People discovered the little terrier earlier this week as he was free-riding his way to Dublin from Kildare on a commuter train. 

After the roughly half-hour ride during rush hour, the pup found himself in the big, bustling capital city, where he met a bunch of friendly railway workers who took him under their wing. 

The station staff nicknamed the anonymous pooch Hamish and took to Twitter to help get the word out about his whereabouts. 

A viral campaign was sparked to find the family of this microchip-less wayward pup.  

"'Hamish' decided to commute ... without his owners in Ireland!" National Rail wrote.

Staffers helped keep the pup happy as they waited for a word from Hamish's family. They played fetch with him and took him for walks around the station. 

In the meantime, many locals came forward offering to adopt the sweet pup if his family couldn't be found.

By nighttime on Wednesday, Hamish's family still hadn't been found, so My Lovely Horse, an animal rescue organization that generally focuses on much larger animals, agreed to put him up for the night.

Fortunately for everyone, the next day Hamish's worried family came forward, explaining that he'd run off during home repairs and revealing his real name: Tyson.

"His owners have been found! His real name is Tyson!" the railway tweeted.

It was also announced that Tyson was getting microchipped by My Lovely Horse before he left — that way, if he goes on an adventure again, he'll be more easily located.

You can thank My Lovely Horse for putting up Tyson for his night on the town by making a donation
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