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Curious Dog Sneaks Out Third Story Window — Then Instantly Regrets It

“He seemed to be quite pleased with all the attention he was getting.”

When Max the terrier climbed out a window at his family’s London apartment last week, he set out to see the world. But he ended up in a much less pleasant situation.

The curious pup saw the open window as a chance to do some exploring, so he crept across a ledge on the side of the building — until a pesky gutter blocked his path to the open road.

Soon some more problematic twists arose in his journey: He realized he was up on the building’s third level, and the ledge was far too narrow for him to turn himself around.

"We don’t know exactly how long he’d been up there, but it was at least half an hour,” Sean Sloan, crew manager of the London Fire Brigade, which came out to rescue Max, said.

Max seemed to regret the situation somewhat, seeing how hopeless he looked up there.

But after being rescued, he quickly found a way to make light of the scary situation — as any fun-loving dog would.

“The owner was very distressed but we got him down and Max was fine,” Sloan said. “In fact, he seemed to be quite pleased with all the attention he was getting.”

While Max was certainly very brave, we hope his future adventures will be a little less scary — and indoors.

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