Dog Saved From Slaughterhouse Just Wants To Be Held By Rescuer

It was the moment she realized she was finally safe ❤️

The little dog shrank into the farthest corner of her cage, petrified of everything and everyone. She’d seen what happened to other dogs inside her cage — people had pulled them out by their necks and killed them for their meat. At some point, it would be her turn.

But a man named Michael Chour changed everything for the little dog.

Man pulling dog out of cage
The moment Chour pulled Sweety out of the cage at the slaughterhouse | The Sound of Animals

Chour, founder of The Sound of Animals, a group that saves dogs from the meat trade in Southeast Asia, was visiting Chomkachek, Cambodia, when he encountered a dog slaughterhouse.

Chour spoke to the owner and negotiated the release of 17 dogs, including the little dog he named Sweety.

Man holding a dog her just rescued
Chour hugging Sweety after he removed her from the cage | The Sound of Animals

Sweety and the other dogs were moved to a temporary shelter in O Smach, Cambodia. Once their health was assessed, they’d be moved to the large dog shelter run by The Sound of Animals in Ban Kruat District, Thailand.

Chour cuddling with Sweety at the temporary shelter

As Chour lifted Sweety out of her transport cage after she’d arrived at the temporary shelter, she was still very frightened.

Man cuddling rescue dog in his lap
The Sound of Animals

Sweety stayed in Chour’s arms for more than an hour and half, he said. “She cuddled tenderly, and let me kiss her,” Chour said. “My heart melted, and I could not restrain my tears.”

Man holding rescued dog in his arms
The Sound of Animals

When Chour finally placed Sweety onto the ground, he could tell that she was more relaxed. “I see too many horrible things in all these slaughterhouses I visit,” Chour said. “I love to see them understand that they will live and receive love.”

Dog in the back of the car
Sweety being driven to Thailand | The Sound of Animals

Sweety is now at the organization’s Thailand shelter, and she’s doing really well and making new friends, Chour said. Normally, Chour tries to find homes for his rescued dogs, but this time, he’s decided to keep Sweety as his own dog.

Man with rescued dogs at shelter
Sweety making new friends at the shelter in Thailand | The Sound of Animals

“All dogs have the right to a life of happiness, but some of them touch my heart more than others,” Chour said. “She is one of them.”

To help rescue other dogs like Sweety from the meat trade in Southeast Asia, you can make a donation to The Sound of Animals.