Sun-Loving Pup Always Finds The Perfect Place To Nap

No dog bed required 💤☀️

Most puppies play hard and sleep hard — but none are quite as talented at finding the perfect spot to nap as Nellie.

“She's teething so she's a gorgeous, sleepy, sun-loving puppy half the time,” Freddy Masters, Nellie’s dad, told The Dodo. “And a land shark the other half.”

Mini Daschund always sits in the sun

The 3-month-old mini daschund has a sixth sense when it comes to identifying the best sleeping spots in her new home — no dog bed necessary. For Nellie, that means where the sun shines the brightest. 


The little dog will happily contort herself to take advantage of every inch of sunlight.

“She lies in any spot of sun that she finds,” Masters said. “The other day there was a patch of sun on the wall, and I caught her resting her head up against the wall.”

Nellie the puppy sleeps in a sun spot

Recently, a photo of Nellie doing what she does best went viral on Reddit. Everyone was impressed by how the little dog took full advantage of the sun. 

“I was on a work Zoom call when I saw her lying perfectly in that spot,” Masters said. “I had to carefully pretend to still be listening while capturing it. It only lined up like that for about five minutes so I'm glad I acted fast!”

Puppy sleeps in perfect spot

As Nellie gets older, she may need less sleep — but for now, there's never been a more contented pup.

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