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Abandoned Dogs Living At Recycling Facility Had VERY Different Reactions To Being Rescued

Their names are Pastrami and Salami ❤️

Salami and Pastrami were abandoned together on the streets of Los Angeles, and took shelter at a recycling facility. They lived around the facility for three months, and the staff there even built them a makeshift doghouse out of a cardboard box. The staffers were worried about the dogs’ safety, living on the streets all by themselves, so they decided to contact a rescue in hopes that it could help. 

Hope for Paws got the call about Salami and Pastrami and drove out to the facility to try and rescue them. When rescuers arrived, they saw both dogs running through the parking lot … 

… and while Pastrami kept his distance, Salami ran right up to his rescuers, Lisa Arturo and Clay Greenbush, eager to get some food and a little love. 

“Salami was like, 'Hey, these nice people are here, I wanna hang out with you,’” Arturo told The Dodo. “But Pastrami was skittish and uncertain. He just didn't trust us at first.” 

Even though Salami was clearly so excited at the prospect of being rescued, the rescuers didn’t want to put a leash around him until they could put one around Pastrami, since he was the more nervous dog of the pair. They were afraid if they grabbed Salami first, Pastrami would get spooked and run away, but out of fear and uncertainty, he ended up running away anyway, while Salami stayed by his rescuers’ sides. 

Pastrami ran into some bushes, and while Arturo tried to lure him out by throwing food in his direction, he was much too scared, and he retreated farther and farther into the bushes. 

Eventually, Pastrami led Arturo and Greenbush to the cardboard doghouse their friends at the facility had made for him and Salami. Arturo hoped he would go into the doghouse because it was a place that made him feel safe … 

… and as soon as he did, she was able to pick the doghouse up, carry it back to the parking lot … 

… and ensure that sweet little Pastrami was finally safe

As soon as Pastrami was secured, rescuers were able to slip a leash around Salami, who had no objections at all to being rescued. They loaded them both into their car, and drove them away from their life on the streets forever. 

“As soon as I picked Pastrami up and and brought him to the vet, he was jumping all over me like, ‘This is so great,’” Arturo said. 

After being checked out by the vet, it was determined that both dogs had likely been hit by a car or involved in some other accident, because they both had hairline fractures in their legs. Luckily, their injuries were minor, and after being given the all clear, Pastrami and Salami were taken in by LA Animal Rescue. Once they arrived at the rescue, their personalities began to shine through, and even timid little Pastrami seemed so overjoyed to finally be in a safe, loving place.

The pair both attended some adoption events with the rescue, and recently, Pastrami finally found his forever home. Salami is still waiting, but there’s no doubt that he will soon go off to the best home, where he’ll never have to worry about fending for himself ever again. 

Watch the full video of the rescue below: 

If you’re interested in adopting Salami, you can contact LA Animal Rescue for more information.