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Adorable Dog Sees Parade And Decides To Join The Fun

He got SO excited — and totally stole the show 😂

People at a street parade earlier this month probably thought they were having a pretty good time — until a local dog showed everyone what it really means to celebrate.

Street dog joins parade in Mexico
Alan Gómez/Facebook

It’s a tradition in some parts of Mexico to celebrate a wedding with a parade. And that’s just what locals were doing. Dressed-up dancers were twirling around to the delight of spectators, following giant puppets, or "mojigangas," representing the bride and groom down the street. 

And one of those spectators happened to be a street dog who, letting the moment inspire him, decided to join in the dance.

Street dog joins parade in Mexico
Alan Gómez/Facebook

Luckily, one spectator, Alan Gómez, managed to capture the moment on video. The playful pup can be seen bounding into the middle of the performance out of nowhere and starting to imitate the dancers with his own rendition of a twirl. 

Probably one of the things people love so much about animals is their natural sense of spontaneity — their ability to truly live in the moment, regardless of their circumstances.

This dog is just one of many pups in Mexico who live on the street — not the easiest life for an animal — but he clearly seems to make the most of it: According to some sources, this street pup frequently seizes the opportunity to join street parades in the town.

You can help stray dogs in Mexico by making a donation to Compassion Without Borders
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