Happy Stray Dog Crashes Fashion Show — And Upstages The Models

He stole the show 🌟

Usually designers save their showstopper look for the end.

But one recent fashion show broke all the rules when a model seized the stage early, showing off the most original ensemble of the night: A blonde fur coat.

Eager for his time in the spotlight, a stray dog crashed designer Rohit Bal’s show in India. Though the clothes were sparkling with gold sequins and beads, the dog’s sweet personality outshined them all.

Entertainment journalist Sohel Fidai was waiting with his camera for one of the stars of the night to take the stage when he caught the wayward pup following a model onto the runway ramp. At first, the crowd seemed in disbelief at the odd addition, and the models were clearly unsure of what to do about a dog storming the catwalk.

Happily, no one tried to stop the pup from strutting his stuff and giving the runway a good sniff. While the models didn’t seem particularly pleased about being upstaged, the sweet dog was clearly just thrilled to be there.

The dog’s tail wagged a mile a minute as he soaked up attention from the audience, and he seemed in no rush to leave the white platform.

This video shows the truly delighted pup in action:

But this street dog wasn’t the first animal to upstage a fashion show — a few months ago a cat strutted onto a stage in Turkey, shocking the crowd. However, in that case the feline was there to stir up trouble with the other models — not beg for pets.

In the end, the dog succeeded in his quest for affection. On his way off the stage, one male model bent down to give the good boy a well-deserved pat on the head.

The dog was eventually escorted off the premises by security personnel, and it is not clear what has become of the four-legged star. But we hope the sweet boy was at least invited to the after-party — and then more of the love he so clearly deserves.

To help the street dogs of India get the help they need, you can make a donation to Animal Aid Unlimited.