Stray Dog Hops In Guy’s Car And Immediately Falls Asleep

“He seemed relieved to find a safe place to rest” ❤️️

In February, Rodrigo Coelho and his wife drove to the pharmacy to pick up some medicine, but they left with much more than they bargained for.

“I had just come out of a pharmacy and I was in the parking lot,” Coelho told The Dodo. “My wife opened the door to enter [the car] and this dog came along as if he knew us.”

The stray pup didn’t waste a moment as he hopped into the car and immediately started napping.

Stray dog breaks into guys car
Rodrigo Coelho

Coelho could see by the dog’s paws and worn-down nails that he had come a long way, and he smelled as if he had been rooting through the garbage. 

The couple knew they couldn’t leave the tired pup behind — not that the dog was going to give them a choice. “He settled on the car floor and slept,” Coelho said. “He seemed relieved to find a safe place to rest.”

Stray dog sleeps in car
Rodrigo Coelho

When the Coelhos reached their home, it didn’t take long for the dog to find a comfy spot on the couch to continue napping. Coelho’s other dogs were curious about the new arrival, and when the pup finally awoke, he showed off his rambunctious side. 

“My dogs were frightened because [the dog] is very busy and playful, but there were no fights,” Coelho said. “Soon, he was already familiar with the environment and my other dogs accepted him.”

Rodrigo Coelho

Coelho compiled the footage he shot of the pup adjusting to his new environment and posted it to social media. The video began trending, and soon comments rolled in from people in his town, reporting that they had seen the dog in their neighborhoods as well.

From his post, Coelho learned that the dog’s name was Thor and his owners lived only 8 miles away.

Coelho believed fate had brought them together and set up a reunion with the pup’s family.

Thor the stray dog is reunited with his owner
Rodrigo Coelho

“Thor was happy to find his family, it was very evident,” Coelho said. “He recognized the couple, the car and even his canine friend who came along.”

“It made me sure that the right thing was done," Coelho added, "and everything turned out well.”

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