Woman Gets Letter From A Stranger — Then Sees It's Written To Her Dog

"When I started to read the letter, I cried a lot."

A few months ago, after moving into a new apartment in Brazil by herself, Maria Luiza Valcazara adopted this sweet pup named Chips. The happy pair quickly became inseparable pals.

But on those occasions when Chips needed to be left at home alone, his sadness did not go unnoticed.

Maria Luiza Valcazara

Like many very dedicated pups, Chips feels a bit anxious and lonely while his best friend is away, barking and whining until she finally returns. 

Valcazara, not yet really knowing any of her neighbors, had hoped her pup's restless sounds weren't reaching anyone's ears in any noticeable way.

Then, one day, she found a letter with a package outside her door.

Maria Luiza Valcazara

"At the time, I was scared," Valcazara told The Dodo. "I wondered who could have left it there at the door, since I had little contact with the people in the building."

Upon closer inspection, however, Valcazara discovered that the letter was actually addressed to Chips — and it had been "written" by another dog, named Corote.

As for the package? It contained a few dog toys.

Maria Luiza Valcazara

Here's what the letter said (translated from Portuguese):

Hi, my friend. 

I've noticed that you've been crying a lot when you're alone, and I've been through this phase. 

I talked to my mom yesterday and together we decided to give you these toys, so you have a distraction when you feel alone.

I'm here to make you an invitation: I live alone with Mom and, because of that, I have a room of my own to horse around in as much as I want, so you can spend some time here with me! We can do a lot of partying together!!! 

We hope you enjoy the things we gave you! 

Many kisses from Corote and of my mother Nichole.

Maria Luiza Valcazara

Chips, as you can see, did enjoy those surprise gifts — but it was Valcazara who was moved most of all.

"When I started to read the letter, I cried a lot," she said.

Though neither Chips nor Valcazara had met their neighbors Corote and Nichole, the latter pair had learned of them. But in light of that adorable invitation, soon a proper introduction was underway.

Nichole Stefanny

"I took Chips to [Nichole's] apartment so we could talk and our two dogs could meet," Valcazara said.

Both the pups, and their owners, hit it off immediately.

Maria Luiza Valcazara

"Nichole offered to help me with Chips whenever I needed it," Valcazara said. "She gave me some tips she learned from raising Corote."

Now, things have never been better.

Maria Luiza Valcazara

Not only have Nichole's tips helped Valcazara ease Chips' separation anxiety, the new friendships they've formed have made the times they are together even better. Just about every day since, the four of them meet up for playdates on the lawn in front of their apartment building.

And it all started with a kind letter from one stranger to another.

"I concluded that there are still good people in our world," Valcazara said. "It was a beautiful gesture Nichole made for us. And I'm sure other people can benefit through their animals, too. I am an example of this. Besides having a neighbor, I now have a wonderful friend!"

That is a sentiment Chips and Corote no doubt share, too.