Tiny, Starving Puppy Found Locked In Room Was So Happy To See Rescuers

“She wouldn’t stop wagging her tail. It was going constantly.”

In early February, police officers in New Castle, Pennsylvania, were responding to a reported burglary at an apartment when they were met with a heartbreaking discovery.

A tiny puppy had been locked inside an upstairs bedroom — and she was so starved that every bone in her body was visible.

starving puppy apartment pennsylvania
The puppy with a police officer right after being found | New Castle Police Department

“She crawled over to them and her tail was wagging the entire time,” Elissa Druschel, vice president of Lawrence County Humane Society, told The Dodo. “They kept her at the precinct overnight until they could bring her to us the next day.”

Severely anemic and emaciated, the 10-week-old puppy was so weak that she couldn’t stand or lift her head. In addition, she was suffering from a staph infection.

miranda starving puppy pennsylvania
The puppy after being brought to the rescue | Lawrence County Humane Society

Her mom or other siblings were nowhere to be found — and rescuers estimated she had been locked in the room by herself for at least three weeks.

“In the beginning, we weren’t sure that she’d make it,” Druschel said. “She was just so weak and emaciated. But she wouldn’t stop wagging her tail. It was going constantly.”

They decided to name her Miranda.

puppy starving pennsylvania miranda
Lawrence County Humane Society

Thanks to around-the-clock feedings, she slowly gained enough strength to move around and stand. After a week of regular food, water and medicine, Miranda had miraculously doubled in weight.

It was clear she was determined to live — and people from across the country were supporting her fight.

miranda starving puppy pennsylvania
Lawrence County Humane Society

“We posted about her and instantly this wave of support came pouring in,” Druschel said. “We started getting get well cards from kids mailed in from all over. People were sending her toys and treats. It warmed our hearts.”

starving puppy miranda pennsylvania
Cards sent to Miranda from local kids | Lawrence County Humane Society

Throughout the next few weeks, Miranda continued putting on weight and rescuers were amazed at how well she was doing. The skeletal-looking puppy looked completely different, and she was running and playing like any other sweet puppy her age would.

starving puppy miranda
Lawrence County Humane Society

The four police officers who found her returned to the shelter for regular visits throughout her recovery. Although adoption inquiries flooded the rescue’s Facebook page, the group had other plans.

“I think it was always assumed that the officers who found her had first dibs,” Druschel said. “Those guys were her heroes.”

starving puppy miranda pennsylvania
Miranda with the four officers who saved her | Lawrence County Humane Society

After a bit of discussion about who would adopt her, they agreed that Officer Mark Lewis would be Miranda’s new dad. And luckily, this week, Miranda was finally healthy enough to go home.

“Pretty much right off the bat I knew I wanted to adopt her,” Lewis told The Dodo. “I’m ecstatic to be bringing her home. She’ll never see that kind of life she had ever again. She’ll be the most spoiled little dog you’ll ever see.”

miranda skinny dog pennsylvania adopted
Lawrence County Humane Society

After everything she’s been through, it’s clear that Miranda is so thankful she was given a chance at life.

“She is almost unrecognizable now,” Lewis added. “She has so much spunk and goes nuts every time I walk into the room. It’s so uplifting to see that change in her.”

miranda starving puppy pennsylvania
Miranda and her new dad, Officer Mark Lewis, together after her spay surgery | Lawrence Humane Society

Fortunately, an investigation into Miranda’s former owner is ongoing and a court date has been scheduled.

For Druschel, justice will be the best final touch on Miranda’s happy ending.

starving puppy miranda pennsylvania
Miranda on the couch at her new home | Lawrence County Humane Society

“This person is going to trial soon and hopefully we get some justice for Miranda,” Druschel said. “To come from such a bad background to now being so loved by everyone … It’s amazing.”

To celebrate Miranda’s adoption, you can make a donation to Lawrence County Humane Society.