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Sportscaster Gives Hilarious Play-By-Play Of Dogs Chasing Each Other In A Park

We could watch this all day 😂

Sports leagues may be on hiatus — but that still hasn't silenced professional sportscaster Nick Heath. While out of work, he's using his golden voice to add a bit of extra drama to some everyday scenes.

Like these two pups enjoying a game of chase.

The other day, Heath spotted the pair of lively dogs chasing one another in a park near his home and decided to deliver a play-by-play of the action. What resulted is, in a word, hilarious:

The sheer athleticism of Vanilla and Chocolate, as Heath dubbed the pups, was impressive to say the least — especially through the eyes of such a capable commentator.

"[They're] second to none; light on their feet, hitting top speeds and giving it their all," Heath told The Dodo, adding that they could give even professional sports players a run for their money. "We could all learn a lot from dogs."

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