Sneaky Dog Can't Help But Smile As Grandma Searches For Her 'Lost' Dentures

"She and my mom searched everywhere. They searched for hours."

This little dog named Luna certainly is one happy pup — and she should be.

A few months back, Luna was rescued from the streets and adopted into the loving home of Anna Carolina Lima and her fiancé in Brazil. They simply adore her.

But recently, during a visit to Lima’s grandmother’s house, Luna found yet another reason to smile.

Anna Carolina Lima

It didn't take long for Luna to settle in during their stay at Grandma's, so Lima felt comfortable stepping away from the house without her one day after lunch. Around this same time, Lima's grandmother decided to lie down for a nap.

"As usual, she put her dentures under the pillow so as not to lose them," Lima told The Dodo.

Luna, who was still awake, evidently saw this as an opportunity.

Anna Carolina Lima

When Grandma woke up, her false teeth were nowhere to be found.

"She was pretty desperate that she couldn't find her dentures," Lima said. "She and my mom searched everywhere. They searched for hours."

Upon returning to the house and learning of the missing dentures, Lima's first thought was to check with her dog, who'd suspiciously been keeping out of sight. And sure enough:

Anna Carolina Lima

"I found Luna sitting in the armchair with Grandma's teeth in her mouth," Lima said. "She didn't want to give them back!"

Anna Carolina Lima

The sneaky pup had been caught red-handed, but she was hardly racked with guilt.

In fact, from the look of it, Luna found the whole thing quite amusing. (And she wasn't the only one.)

Anna Carolina Lima

After some wrangling, Lima was able to retrieve the dentures which, fortunately, hadn't been damaged by Luna wearing them.

And with that, the pup was back to her own teefy smile.

Anna Carolina Lima

No one, not even Grandma, had the heart to get mad at Luna for what she'd done. Indeed, their reaction was quite the opposite:

"We all laughed a lot!" Lima said. "We all love animals."