Sneaky Dog Caught Trying On Owner's False Teeth

"[I] couldn’t believe my eyes" 😂

Recently, Ben Campbell decided to order some oversized dentures online as a gag gift to himself.

“I’m rather silly,” Campbell told The Dodo. “I bought the teeth from Etsy to make myself laugh.”

But Campbell clearly isn’t the only one at home with a silly sense of humor.

The other day, Campbell was at the house when he noticed his little dog, named Thomas, acting oddly aloof. The pup was up to something, but Campbell had no idea what.

"I saw him running suspiciously into his hiding spot," Campbell said. "So I chased him down and discovered him with the teeth in his mouth and couldn’t believe my eyes."

Thomas, having found the dentures, was now sporting a striking new smile. And as you'll see, he appeared to be quite pleased with himself about it:

Campbell bought the fake teeth for laughs, but it was Thomas who delivered them.

If the little dog had his way, he might be wearing them still.

"I was luckily able to grab him on his way out of the room, something I normally cannot do," Campbell said. "I’m glad he wasn’t able to run them outside."

In the end, Thomas may have lost that big, beaming smile — but thanks to Campbell's video of his adventure, the little dog certainly inspired many, many more.