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Woman Introduces Dog To Boyfriend And Quickly Gets Left Out

“I think my dog now loves him more than he loves me.”

Abby Schulte and her boyfriend, Ethan, have been together for two years, and they couldn't be happier. But when Abby adopted a people-shy dog named Harvey (rescued after Hurricane Harvey) last year, it seemed like she would have to keep the pup and her significant other apart.

"Harvey is terrified of people," Abby told The Dodo. "When I first had him, he would not let anyone else near him except for me."

As you'll soon see, that's no longer a concern when it comes to Ethan. Far from it.

Abby Schulte

A few days after adopting Harvey, after giving him time to settle in at her house, Abby decided the time was right to invite Ethan over to attempt an introduction. Rather than cower or snarl in fear, when the dog first met Abby's boyfriend, it was love at first sight.

And the feeling was mutual.

"Harvey was immediately 100 percent comfortable with him," Abby said. "It was crazy to see how much they enjoyed each other's company. I'm not sure why they hit it off so quickly, but I like to think it's because Harvey is a good judge of character."

Abby Schulte

Since that first introduction a few months back, Harvey is still shy around strangers, but Ethan remains one of the dog's favorite people. Whenever Ethan comes over to hang out with Abby, Harvey flips out with excitement.

"They are always affectionate," Abby said. "Harvey loves to cuddle and will always cuddle with Ethan. I think my dog now loves him more than he loves me!"

Abby is thrilled that her dog and boyfriend get along so well, but there are moments where she ends up feeling a little bit like a third wheel. In fact, she snapped a video of one of those moments recently — catching Harvey sweetly stealing a kiss from Ethan (right in front of her, no less).

Seeing the bond Harvey has with her boyfriend, Abby tries to take it in stride.

"Sometimes I do feel a bit jealous of how much he loves Ethan," Abby said, "but I know Harvey loves me just as much, so I always get over it."

Best of all, Abby and Ethan both love Harvey right back.

Abby Schulte

Having two people who care about him so dearly has shown Harvey that it's OK for him be his sweet, bighearted self — and to share that with the world.

Abby Schulte

"He has completely changed," Abby said. "He has opened up so much. He is so much more confident in himself and won't freak out when someone reaches out to pet him."

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