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Smart Cat Finds Way To Get Around 'No Cats On The Chair' Rule

"He was just too cute for me to make him get down."

Some rules are meant to be broken — others, to be casually pawed at until they've become sufficiently bent. 

Just ask this clever cat named Reese, who found a rather adorable way around what was once a strict "no-no" at home.

Lori Edy Reed

Reese is a friendly feline who enjoys nothing more than spending time with his owners, Lori and her husband. But while he’s rarely denied quality lap time, Reese’s desire to be closer to eye level went a bit too far in the kitchen — at first, anyway.

“He liked to get on the counter but would get shooed off, so then he started jumping in the chair and try to get close to the counter that way,” Lori told The Dodo. “We then shooed him off the chair.”

Reese didn’t give up, however, and eventually something clicked: What if he sat like … THIS?

Lori Edy Reed

Sure enough, seeing Reese sitting like that, turned around in the chair with his front legs dangling out, convinced Lori to give him a pass on the rules.

"I remember thinking this is unusual, cute, funny," she told The Dodo. "When I saw how cute he was and how he loved the chair so much — he rubs his head on the chair and then slips his little paws through the holes — at that point, he was just too cute for me to make him get down."

And now? "Basically ... I do let him sit there."

Reese's plan had worked.

Lori Edy Reed

It's an unusual sight to behold, for sure, but apparently Reese is quite comfortable sitting this way — especially, perhaps, since being up there at all was once forbidden.

"He does this just about every day or any chance he gets. He will sit there for long periods of time with his paws through the holes," Lori said. As for the rules? "He likes making loopholes."

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