Dog Insists On Sleeping In The Most Dramatic Place Possible

"It always looks like he perished in a terrible accident.”

This is Ruben.

Sleepy terrier
David Harsanyi

Ruben is a 5-year-old terrier who takes his nap time very seriously. 

"His favorite hobbies are sleeping and barking at strangers — but mostly sleeping," David Harsanyi, Ruben's person, told The Dodo.

And it's a good thing Harsanyi knows Ruben's habits so well — otherwise the dog could have given Harsanyi quite a scare. 

Terrier on stairs
David Harsanyi

Harsanyi often works from home, so the pair end up spending a lot of time together. 

"Ruben likes to sleep by — or, preferably, on — my feet," Harsanyi explained. 

When Harsanyi disturbs Ruben's nap time by getting up and moving around, Ruben decides he might as well get up and move around, too. 

"When I go upstairs he tends to camp out on the landing so he can monitor what’s going throughout the house," Harsanyi said. 

Often Ruben falls fast asleep right there at the bottom of a set of the steps. This means that when Harsanyi when Harsanyi turns the corner to go back downstairs, he's met with what — on first glance — looks like a harrowing spectacle. 

Sleepy terrier at bottom of stairs
David Harsanyi

“My dog loves sleeping at the bottom of the stairs," Harsanyi wrote recently on Twitter, "but it always looks like he perished in a terrible accident.”

Sleepy terrier at bottom of steps
David Harsanyi

Thankfully, when Ruben isn't reenacting a crime scene, he's perfectly happy dozing on a big pink and plush dog bed.

Sleepy terrier in his bed
David Harsanyi

But that doesn't mean he takes sleeping any less seriously.