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Sick Senior Dog Gets Stuck In Gate While Looking For Someone To Help Her

“She was very old and weakened with her injuries, but this old girl was strong, brave and full of love.”

After Dotty was injured while living on the streets of India, the sweet senior dog wandered around for a while, trying to find someone to help her. During her search, she tried to squeeze through the bars of a blue gate — and accidentally got herself very, very stuck

Animal Aid Unlimited found out about Dotty and her predicament and immediately rushed out to try and help her. They could see how badly she was wounded, and knew they needed to get her out of the gate and back to their shelter to treat her injuries as soon as possible. 

Unfortunately, Dotty had somehow gotten herself so tightly wedged that it was impossible to pull her back through … 

… and so after covering her with a blanket to keep her safe, rescuers began cutting through the bars of the gate in order to free her

As soon as she was free, rescuers scooped up Dotty and rushed her back to the Animal Aid Unlimited shelter, where they began treating her wounds, which were already very infected at that point. They cleaned them out and started her on IV fluids for dehydration as well. 

They gave her a comfy place to rest while she healed … 

… and what was most likely her first full meal in a very, very long time, which she accepted eagerly and gratefully. 

Dotty’s wounds needed daily care for many, many weeks, and because of her age, rescuers were a little worried she might not make it through, and that her search for help had come too late. 

“She was very old and weakened with her injuries, but this old girl was strong, brave and full of love,” Animal Aid Unlimited wrote in a video about Dotty

Finally, after weeks and weeks of intense care and lots and lots of love … 

… sweet, old Dotty was completely healed. 

Dotty is now so happy hanging out with all her new friends at the shelter, and she even seems to have gotten back some of her puppy energy now that she’s feeling better. Her search for help may have hit a temporary roadblock, but it paid off in the end, making Dotty a true example of what happens when you refuse to give up. 

To help other animals like Dotty, you can donate to Animal Aid Unlimited

Watch the full video of Dotty's rescue below: