This Dog Looks Like A Human — And It's Making People Uncomfortable

"This is deeply unsettling ..."

World, meet Yogi — an adorable pup whose appearance certainly has a lot of people talking.

Notice anything unusual about him?

Chantal Desjardins

If you said, "Hey! That dog has the face of a man!" — you're not alone.

And indeed, there's something undeniably human about little Yogi's countenance. The piercing gaze of his light almond-shaped eyes, the sense of a strong brow ridge above in his fluff, and those soft pinkish lips all definitely play a part in giving the dog the uncanny look of being part-person.

Seeing Yogi with a more dog-looking dog drives that home even more.

Chantal Desjardins

Yogi's owner, Chantal Desjardins, never thought her dog really looked that humanlike at all, telling The Dodo, "Looking at him, normally I don’t see it!"

It was only after sharing Yogi's photo on Facebook that Chantal heard otherwise.

"He looks like there is a human in that dog body," one friend wrote.

"Why does one look like you did a human face swap? It’s freaking me out," added another.

Then one of Chantal's friends posted a picture of Yogi on Reddit — and the internet really began weighing in.

Chantal Desjardins

Here's a sampling of some of the over-the-top reactions Yogi and his face have generated:

"This is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen." [1]

"I call bs. I hope it is anyway, I'm trying to sleep here." [2]

"This is deeply unsettling..." [3]

"It looks like Nicolas Cage dressed as an Ewok." [4]

"I'd feel weird petting it." [5]

"I laughed, then I got uncomfortable, now I'm rocking back and forth desperately trying to convince myself it's just a face swap." [6]

Yogi and his face had clearly made an impression. But while these photos haven't been altered, not every image of Yogi looks so unusual.

Chantal Desjardins

The way his fur is groomed, and his position relative to the camera, seem to play an important role in that humanlike effect.

Here he is with that same dog as above, only facing a different direction. Looks pretty normal, right?

Chantal Desjardins

Chantal says she's gotten a kick out of the internet's bemused response to her dog — probably because she knows the truth.

Yogi is perfect.

Chantal Desjardins

"He is the cuddliest fluffiest puppy ever!" Chantal said. "He’s the sweetest!"