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Sweetest Senior Dog Who Ran Away From Home Is So Grateful People Found Him

When they called his owner, the person said, "I don't want that old dog" 💔

After being kept in a backyard and mostly left to fend for himself, Wally ran away from his home in Los Angeles and wandered the streets until he found a nearly empty lot he could take refuge in. The next day, someone working in the lot noticed him, and he quickly contacted Hope for Paws to see if they could come and help the poor senior dog

When rescuers Eldad Hagar and Loreta Frankonyte arrived at the lot, they could immediately see that Wally was not in very good shape. His eyes and nose were incredibly swollen, and so when they offered him some food, it took him a minute to figure out what it was and where it was coming from because he couldn’t really see or hear. 

The sweet Shar-Pei was clearly hungry, though, and as soon as he figured out that some kind people were offering him food, he happily accepted it … 

… and was eager to accept some head scratches as well. 

After letting him enjoy his food for a little while and gaining his trust, Frankonyte carefully slipped a leash around his neck … 

… and Wally seemed so happy to finally be in the company of people who loved and cared about him. 

Once the leash was around him, Wally leapt up and began wagging his tail, looking around for more treats and more people to meet. The man who called for help said goodbye to Wally, and his rescuers led him back to their car to take him to the vet and get some much-needed medical attention. 

Back in the car, Hagar and Frankonyte scanned Wally for a microchip and discovered that he had one. They contacted his owner, who told them that the dog kept running away because he lived outside and some kids kept throwing firecrackers at him. When they suggested that maybe that wasn’t the best situation for a dog to be living in, she said, “I don’t want that old dog anyway.” 

After visiting the vet and being treated for pneumonia, Wally spent some quality time with his rescuers … 

… and was then transferred into the care of Lionel’s Legacy, a senior dog rescue — and it wasn’t long before sweet Wally found his forever home. 

Now, Wally has the best new family, including a senior dog sister named Bunny, whom he loves so much. Wally now has plenty of room to run around, lots of soft, warm places to sleep, and a family who can’t imagine life without him. Wally may have had a rough life, but now he gets to enjoy his golden years in peace, and that’s what matters. 

Watch the full video of Wally's rescue below: