Sensitive Pit Bull Can't Stop Crying At Saddest Part Of 'The Lion King'

"Right as Mufasa falls to his death, she stops and turns to the TV ..."

The proud new parents of a rescued pit bull are learning just how sensitive and sweet their dog, Luna, really is.

Luna came into the world several months ago in a pretty tough situation. She was born to a very pregnant, homeless pit bull who was taken into a foster home just in time to have her 12 puppies.

Rescue pit bull who gave birth to puppies
Facebook/Blake Blamalam‎

Fortunately, several weeks later, the mother pit bull, Melon, and her dozen babies started to be adopted, thanks to the Humane Educational Society, a shelter in Tennessee.

This is how Luna got her new family. 

Luna was adopted by Josh Myers and Hannah Huddleston, a young couple in Chattanooga.

The couple will probably never forget that first ride home, Myers driving while Huddleston rode beside him with Luna cradled in her arms.

In the months that Luna has been part of the family, she's grown and grown. And Myers and Huddleston have been getting to know her sweet personality.

But what Luna did just the other day really surprised them.

Sensitive pit bull reacting to sad part of The Lion King
Facebook/Josh Myers

They were watching the animated Disney classic "The Lion King" and Luna was playing "wildly" with her toys, according to Myers' Facebook page.

When the movie took a tragic turn, Luna suddenly stopped.

"Right as Mufasa falls to his death, she stops and turns to the TV to watch," Myers wrote.

As Simba is trying to wake his dad up on the screen, Luna started to whimper.

"To see her crying at the TV was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen," Myers wrote. "She even lays down right after Simba lays with his dad."

Rescue pit bull reacting to The Lion King
Facebook/Josh Myers

Luna isn't the only one who has a major soft side, according to Brad Ladd, who adopted Luna's brother; he said the whole litter of rescue pit bulls are just the sweetest dogs. "The backstory on this puppy proves that nurture is WAY more important than nature!" Lad commented. "They were loved and spoiled more than any puppies ever."

The family, known as The Melon Dozen, still gets together for playdates so the siblings can keep interacting as they grow up.

"We don’t deserve dogs," Myers added. "Four months old and she’s already showing empathy."

You can follow Luna, the super sensitive pit bull, on Instagram. You can also make a donation to the shelter that saved Luna's whole family