Senior Dog Is So Happy That People Remembered His Birthday

It was the best surprise ❤️ ️

This little senior dog named Bailey has seen many birthdays come and go now in his long and happy life. But the passing of time has done little to diminish the joy his family feels at having him around.

In fact, it’s only made their love grow stronger.

Katie D'Souza

Last week, Bailey turned 13 years old. But though that date could have easily passed without much mention or any ado, the sweet pup’s family rightly felt that Bailey’s big day was more than worth celebrating.

To mark the occasion, they gathered together to throw Bailey a party — much to the little dog’s surprise and delight.

Katie D'Souza

No birthday party would be complete, of course, without a song dedicated to the day’s honoree.

And as you’ll see, Bailey couldn’t have been happier:

Bailey certainly enjoyed the cake and toys he received that day, but to be surrounded by people who love him so dearly was no doubt the greatest gift of all.

Katie D'Souza

For Bailey's family, the adorable gesture that day seemed a way of returning to him an extra portion of the happiness he's given them all his life. The little dog deserves nothing less.

"Happy 13th birthday to our boy BAILEY!" his family wrote. "He brings us so much joy and we love him heaps!"