Sweet Senior Pittie Abandoned Before Holidays Needs A Home TODAY

"She's got a lot of love to give and is meant to be someone's sidekick."

Honey has been described as the “sweetest thing” at a busy shelter in Brooklyn, New York. But sadly, no one seems interested in adopting her.

On Christmas Eve, Honey was picked up as a stray and brought to the Brooklyn branch of the Animal Control Centers of New York (ACC).

Senior dog at busy New York shelter
Facebook/Must Love Dogs - Saving NYC Dogs

But Honey didn’t act like a dog who’s been living on the streets for a long time — it seemed like she belonged to someone, especially since she’s housetrained, well-behaved and friendly. But of course, no one knows exactly how or why Honey ended up on the streets.

What is clear to those who’ve met Honey is that she’s a dog who rightly deserves a home.

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“She sees a new friend in every stranger,” a volunteer at ACC wrote on Facebook. “Just looking at her is enough to get her tail going. She leans in when I pet her, and when she can't hold herself back any longer she'll prop her paws on me and kiss my face clean.”

“She's such a good girl,” the volunteer added. “She has been easy to handle on leash, seems housebroken, and despite being crazy for treats is very mild-mannered taking them. She's got a lot of love to give and is meant to be someone's sidekick."

Woman kissing shelter dog
Volunteer Lydia Espinoza giving Honey a kiss | Facebook/Julie Carner

Unfortunately, there’s a constant stream of stray and surrendered dogs coming into the ACC — and Honey doesn’t have much time left. She’s scheduled for euthanasia today unless someone steps up to adopt her, or a rescue group decides to pull her.

Honey is a senior dog at 8 years old — so she needs a family who is experienced and willing to take on the responsibility of an older dog.

Woman posing with shelter dog
Facebook/Julie Carner

“Honey should be living out her golden years like a little queen, and that’s our goal — to get her safely out of the shelter and into the loving arms of a good family,” a spokesperson for Must Love Dogs wrote on Facebook. “Please don't overlook this 8 year old cutie. She's just as deserving as the rest.”

If you’re interested in rescuing Honey, send a private message to Must Love Dogs — Saving NYC Dogs or directly contact the ACC in Brooklyn.