Guy Discovers What His Dog And Girlfriend Are Up To While He's Away

"It made my night, for sure."

Not long ago, Jose Perez had to go away on a business trip, leaving behind his girlfriend and their beloved dog, Nina.

The three of them together form a picture-perfect trio. But Perez, while away, happened upon some adorable evidence that his partner and pup weren't quite wallowing in sadness over him being gone.

Jose Perez

Perez and girlfriend have a security camera set up at their place, mostly to keep tabs on Nina while they're out. It's programmed to alert them if it detects motion after midnight. And on this particular night, that's exactly what it did.

"I got a intruder notification while I was away, getting ready to sleep," Perez told The Dodo.

Turns out, there was no intruder. The camera was triggered by Perez's girlfriend getting home late from work. And as he laid there in some unfamiliar bed, quietly pining for his loved ones back home — imagining them doing the same — Perez accessed the security footage on his phone and learned the truth.

Basically, a dance party was underway in his absence.

Nina and Perez's girlfriend were having a blast. But Perez wasn't at all miffed about the pair not appearing to be missing him too badly. His reaction was quite the opposite.

"It made my night, for sure," Perez said.

Jose Perez

In truth, Perez admits he's always been sort of a third wheel to the sweet thing Nina and his girlfriend have going: "They are very close and are always together," he said. "Nina gets very happy every time my girlfriend arrives home. Way more happy than when I arrive."

Fortunately, Perez eventually made it home safely from his trip, albeit with slightly less fanfare than his partner received. But, family dynamics aside, the three of them are still family, after all.

"Nina is like a daughter to us," Perez said.