Camera Catches Pet Day Care Worker Sharing The Sweetest Moment With A Furry Client

"I got carried away with the music."

It’s fair to say that Soy In takes her occupation very seriously — but as a day care worker at a resort for pets, cute interactions are very much a part of her job description.

But it’s one moment in particular, when In was actually off the clock, that has plenty of people gushing.

Soy In

Recently, after completing her shift at Olde Towne Pet Resort in Virginia, In decided to drop by one of the rooms where cats hang out. It was then that one of the kitties there, named Mr. Suzy, approached her for some extra attention.

And who could say no to this face?

Soy In

"Mr. Suzy came up to me and was pawing at me to hold him, so I cuddled him in my arms for a bit," In told The Dodo.

But it didn't stop there: "I got carried away with the music," In added.

A camera in the corner of the room captured what happened next, as shared in a tweet from In's sister:

The adorable video has since gone viral, racking up nearly 600,000 views.

Is In embarrassed? Hardly.

"I do this daily where I dance with them," she said. "I like to comfort the pets this way to let them know they’re loved by everybody, and not just by their owners. I guess it’s just a thing I do!"

And what a lovely thing it is!