Watch The Beautiful Moment A Hero Brings A Drowning Kitten Back To Life

Guess who adopted her 💙

A tiny life was just saved — all thanks to a man who dropped everything to help her. 

Road worker giving mouth-to-mouth to drowning kitten in Istanbul

A seemingly lifeless stray kitten was being swept away by heavy rains in Istanbul, Turkey, when a city worker, Metin Keskin, noticed her and snatched her up.

She was "unconscious," Keskin told the Daily Sabah. "[She] wasn't making any sound."

Right there on the street, Keskin knelt over the tiny white kitten and decided to try CPR. Keskin started to breathe a few gentle breaths into the cat's mouth, and massaged her little body to help get the water out of her lungs.

Keskin's heroic quick thinking was captured on video: 

A few tense moments later — to everyone's great relief — the kitten let out a faint meow. 

Keskin rushed the kitten to an animal hospital where she could fully recover.

Road worker saves drowning kitten's life in Istanbul

But dropping the kitten off at the vet's didn't mean it was the last time Keskin would ever see her — far from it.

"[She's] become our kitten now," he told reporters at a press conference at the animal hospital soon after the cat's rescue. "I'm so happy."