Rescue Dogs Love To Dress Like Superheroes With Their Dad

They even showed up to his wedding in matching tuxes.

Hans Gruber and Guybrush, two rescue pups, hit the jackpot when they were adopted by their parents, Benjamin Andrew Moore and Zanna Schumacher.

Aside from having a comfortable home and doting owners who make sure they get the best of everything, the pups adore their comic-loving dad, who has put together some pretty epic costumes for them.

dogs in costume
Zanna Schumacher

“We only really dress them up for Halloween,” Moore told The Dodo, “but we definitely started doing it as soon as possible.”

dog in costume
Moore and Guybrush as Mad Max for their first Halloween | Zanna Schumacher

Moore and Schumacher adopted Guybrush first in May 2011 from the Manhattan Animal Care Center. The couple planned to adopt a dog once they moved in together, but Guybrush showed up a few months before that happened.

“[Zanna] started trolling the ‘to be destroyed’ section on Craigslist, saw Guybrush’s very sad puppy picture, called the volunteer who’d posted his info and sort of ‘accidentally adopted him,’” Moore said. “But it was a very happy accident.”

dog in shelter

They named the 5-month-old pit bull mix after the character Guybrush Threepwood from the computer game Monkey Island, in line with Moore’s affinity for anything comic book or video game-related.

“We landed on that name (after days of deliberation) because it was unique and funny, and because Guybrush, the pit bull, reminded us of Guybrush, the computer game character, in that they were both very goofy and lanky and weird,” Moore said.

Moore holding puppy Guybrush | Zanna Schumacher

Now 6 years old, Guybrush — or “Brushy,” as he is nicknamed — loves playing fetch with his favorite stuffed purple hippo during off-leash hours at the park, and meeting new friends. “Guybrush LOVES meeting new people, is extremely affectionate (almost to an absurd degree) and is very energetic,” Moore said. “He gets a good amount of attention because he really likes saying ‘Hi’ to people, and if he’s wearing a costume, they’re all up in his business nonstop.”

Guybrush knows some pretty sweet tricks, like sitting up for peanut butter. | Benjamin Andrew Moore

In October 2012, Schumacher — who was the foster coordinator for Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue at the time — convinced Moore that they should foster an incoming 1-and-a-half-year-old Dachshund mix with a traumatic history. Ruger, as he was known at the time, was shot twice in Georgia and left to die.

The picture of Ruger (now Hans Gruber) that made Schumacher and Moore fall in love with him, and the scars on his neck and back from being shot | Hilary Benas/Benjamin Moore

 It only took them a few days before they knew they wanted to keep him.

dog and owner
Hans with Moore | Zanna Schumacher

Ruger, now named Hans Gruber because Moore thought the name sounded similar to the character in the movie “Die Hard,” was officially adopted in November 2012.

dog on bed
Benjamin Andrew Moore

Also 6 years old, Hans (“Hansy”) enjoys eating, sniffing and getting neck pets. He has even figured out a super-smart system for nonstop scratches.

“Hans is far calmer and more reserved [than Guybrush],” Moore said. “He’s much more independent and stubborn.”

dog with owner
Benjamin Andrew Moore

“They both love to give kisses,” Moore said, “but Guybrush is way more forthcoming with them, regardless of his familiarity with you.”

Schumacher, Moore and the pups posing for a rescue documentary called "The Sidekick Series" | Serena Kuo

“They’re very tolerant,” Moore said of the pups’ reaction to dressing up.

dog with owner
Benjamin Andrew Moore

The costumes started out more traditional ...

Benjamin Andrew Moore | Banana Brushy

But as the years passed, they got more elaborate.

Guybrush (back) as Batman, with Hans Gruber (front) playing his sidekick, Robin | Benjamin Andrew Moore

“Zanna gets involved, but I think it’s fair to say that I care quite a bit more about Halloween generally, and therefore do more of the costume planning for the dogs,” Moore said.

Guybrush as a spider, Hans Gruber as a dinosaur and Schumacher as a minion | Benjamin Andrew Moore

Which, of course, sometimes includes Moore matching his own costume to the pups’ versions.

dogs in costumes
Moore dressed as Captain N: The Gamemaster to match the Super Mario Brothers | Zanna Schumacher

Moore has even created some really cute videos to go with some of the costumes.

Though Moore said they usually only dress the pups up for Halloween, their Instagram account tells a slightly different tale.

Hans Gruber and Guybrush were involved in Moore and Schumacher’s engagement announcement, wearing simple bow ties.

dog wedding announcement
Zanna Schumacher

They were later in the wedding itself ...

dogs in wedding
Lev Kuperman

... wearing matching tuxedos.

Guybrush (left) and Hans Gruber (right) wearing their wedding tuxes | Lev Kuperman/Megan Blondel

Guybrush appears to have an impressive collection of superhero outfits that he lounges around in while at home …

Guybrush in a Captain America shirt (right) with Hans Gruber wearing a matching blue outfit | Benjamin Andrew Moore

But Hans Gruber has some pretty cool gear himself — even if his outfits aren’t necessarily superhero-themed like his brother’s.

dogs in costume
Hansy (left) rocking the skulls while his brother wears a Spiderman tee | Benjamin Andrew Moore

Then there are the simple, fun costumes, like bunny ears for Easter …

Guybrush wearing bunny ears | Zanna Schumacher

... or flower crowns to celebrate spring.

dogs in flower crowns
Benjamin Andrew Moore

Dinosaur onesies can be everyday wear, right?

dog in costume
Zanna Schumacher

Even common items found around the household, such as margarine, have been made into makeshift costumes for the pups …

Benjamin Andrew Moore

Moore, who is a freelancer at a dog-friendly office, takes Hansy with him whenever he goes. Hans has taken his cosplay to new levels with the occasional modeling gig ...

dog in costume
Zanna Schumacher

... though sometimes he'd rather give a friend a ride than wear a costume.

dog in costume
Benjamin Andrew Moore

Even mealtime can be a reason to dress up.

dog in apron
Benjamin Andrew Moore

But sometimes it’s more fun to watch the humans dress up like dogs instead.

dog and Pluto
Zanna Schumacher

The couple also frequently takes the pups on vacation with them …

dog on vacation
Benjamin Andrew Moore

… or to attend special, dog-friendly events when possible …

puppy prom
Hansy at Puppy Prom | Benjamin Andrew Moore

… and there are always abundant cuddles to be given.

To see more adventures of Hans Gruber and Guybrush (and what their next costumes will be), follow them on Instagram. You can also see Zanna and Hans’ episode of "The Sidekick Series" here.