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Woman Catches Her Cat Sneaking Off To Snuggle With Her Pet Rat

"Ever since then they’ve been inseparable ... They follow each other around the house."

MacKenzie Allmon of North Little Rock, Arkansas, is a true animal lover — she’s a cat person and a dog person, and as the proud caretaker of four pet rats, she’s even a rat person. 

Allmon says her animals are her everything. But little did she know just how much some of her pets would love each other, until one day when she found her cat Jagger in a very unexpected place. 

Jagger, a rescue cat who has some unusual friends
MacKenzie Allmon

Jagger came into Allmon's life a year ago when he was just a teeny tiny kitten. In fact, he was born in Allmon's garage. 

"In our old neighborhood there was a flea market close by and people would give away kittens there — but at the end of the day if they still had some left they would just turn them [loose], which caused our neighborhood to be filled with wild cats," Allmon told The Dodo.

One of these stray cats was tame — and a little hefty around the waist. "We took her in and she ended up having kittens in our garage," Allmon said.

Rescue cat Jagger as a tiny kitten
Jagger when he was just a tiny kitten | MacKenzie Allmon

Allmon and her family found the mother cat and all of her kittens homes — except for one kitten with whom Allmon felt a particularly strong bond. "I just couldn’t give him up," she said. 

Eight months later, Allmon came to take in a couple of rescue pet rats. Then she took in a couple more. She created a large, protected habitat for her four new furry family members, Willow, Jasmine, Eevee and Sadie — but she didn't know exactly how Jagger would react to the home's new residents. 

Cat watching pet rats
MacKenzie Allmon

"Since Jagger was little he’s loved other animals, especially dogs," Allmon said. "But when I got my rats I didn’t know what to expect." 

Rescue cat snuggling with dog
Jagger has always loved snuggling up to dogs. | MacKenzie Allmon

Then one day, Willow managed to escape the rat habitat. 

Allmon looked all over the house — and discovered something adorable

Cat and rat snuggling
MacKenzie Allmon

"I found her and Jagger cuddling in a crate," Allmon said.

And this wasn't a one-time fluke. 

"Ever since then they’ve been inseparable," Allmon said. "They follow each other around the house and LOVE to wrestle with each other."  

Jasmine, Eevee and Sadie have also struck up a friendship with Jagger.

Cat and rats snuggling together
MacKenzie Allmon

But Willow still holds a special place in Jagger's heart. 

Rat kissing his cat best friend
MacKenzie Allmon

"I’d definitely say Willow is his favorite," Allmon said. "She’s the one who started it all, the one who got out and first started cuddling with him. They absolutely love each other."