Grateful Rescue Cat Brings Mom Her Slippers Every Morning

"I didn’t believe her until she got it on camera" ❤

Two years ago, Lulu’s life changed forever. That was when she went from being a sad shelter cat to her mom's much-loved pet.

And Lulu’s been saying “thank you” in her own special way ever since.

Instagram/Lulu The Slipper Cat

A few months after being adopted and settling in to her happy new home, Lulu began an adorable daily ritual. Realizing that her owner liked to put slippers on her feet after waking up, Lulu began bringing them to her every morning, collecting them from wherever her mom had taken them off the day before.

Since Lulu can only carry one slipper at a time, she always makes two trips.

"My mom was surprised [the first time it happened]," Lulu's owner's daughter, Kayla, told The Dodo. "She wore the drool-covered slippers to encourage Lulu." And sure enough, the routine stuck.

Here's a video of Lulu in action:

That was just the first trip, of course.

Here's Lulu after she went back to fetch the other slipper:

Kayla's mother had told her that Lulu would bring her slippers to her each morning, but Kayla had assumed it was a joke. 

"I didn’t believe her until she got it on camera," Kayla said.

But now the whole world knows about the sweet cat's gesture.

Instagram/Lulu The Slipper Cat

Though it may be impossible to read Lulu's mind to explain this behavior, the message is clear when you consider her heart.

"It really seems like she just want to take care of my mom, since my mom takes such good care of her," Kayla said.