Man Spots A Cat Being Chased By The Most Unlikely Little Animal

“I didn’t know what to expect when the cat was running over ...”

Claude Alff had just stepped out for a lunch break on Monday in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg, when he spotted a rat running up the street.

Though Alff rarely sees rats out in broad daylight, he brushed it off as nothing special and continued on his way. But this was no ordinary rodent.

As Alff crossed the street, he turned around and noticed he had company in the form of a small striped cat. Sensing an encounter was about to happen between the two animals, Alff whipped out his phone and started filming.

Cat and rat meet on Luxembourg street
Claude Alff

As Alff expected, the cat ran to confront his would-be prey — but then things got strange. Suddenly, the rat changed the game; fiercely facing off against a fluffy predator more than five times his size, the rodent refused to back down.

Claude Alff filming a rat chasing a cat
Claude Alff

Not only did the rat lunge and spook the cat, he chased the feline all the way down the street.

Alff couldn’t help cheering for the brave rat. “I didn’t know what to expect when the cat was running over,” Alff told The Dodo. “I thought, ‘Poor rat.’ But then when the cat was coming over, and the rat was running after him I thought that was just hilarious.”


Alff realized what he had just witnessed was truly special, and uploaded the video on YouTube to share the unexpected moment with the world.

“This is a jackpot,” Alff said. “It happens once in a lifetime, like winning the lottery.”

After this, the old cat-and-mouse game will never be the same again.