Kitten Disrupts Baseball Game In Cutest Way Possible — Then Disappears

"We are hopeful someone will find the cat and contact us" 😿

The cat who adorably disrupted a Major League Baseball game has gone missing.

Summer is baseball season — it’s also part of kitten season, and on Wednesday night, the two collided in the most adorable way. Luckily, there were plenty of cameras around to capture the magic.

Tensions were running high at Busch Stadium as the St. Louis Cardinals faced off against the Kansas City Royals. At the bottom of the sixth, the Cardinals had the bases loaded, when suddenly a flash of fur streaked across the field.

The crowd exploded as a small brown cat ran onto the green, nuzzling up to center fielder Lorenzo Cain, then scampering toward the stands.

While the crowd was enjoying the adorable interruption, a stadium employee chased down the kitty and picked him up — only to find the cat was not interested in leaving the action. The little guy bit and scratched the employee’s hand, resulting in a hilarious show for the crowd and fans at home (as well as one bandaged finger for the cat wrangler).

When the game resumed, Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina immediately hit a grand slam, and it became all too clear that the fierce little cat was good luck for the baseball team. The anonymous feline has since been dubbed “Rally Cat” by fans, and has become an overnight viral sensation.

"I'm not a cat person, but I sure like that one," Mike Matheny, the Cardinals manager, said after the game.

Early reports claimed that the cat was then taken to the Humane Society of Missouri; however, on Thursday the Cardinals confirmed that the member of their grounds crew released the cat outside Gate 3 before receiving first aid treatment. Korie Harris, a Cardinals fan, picked up the cat, claiming it was hers, and left the stadium. The cat reportedly jumped from her arms in Citygarden — and hasn't been seen since.

"We are hopeful someone will find the cat and contact us so we can properly care for it," the Cardinals said in a statement released Thursday. "Our grounds crew is working on developing a stray animal protocol to ensure the safety of both crew and animal should this happen again."

For Rally Cat, that may be too little, too late. With any luck, though, he'll be found. If you find him, you can call the Humane Society of Missouri department of lost and found pets at 314-951-1562.

If you find a stray, the Humane Society of the United States recommends taking the animal to the nearest animal shelter or contacting animal control.