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Woman Finds Box Left Outside In The Cold With Saddest Note

“No one wants me” 💔

It was a normal day at work for New York PetSmart employee Kylie McCloskey — until a customer came over to report a strange box that was sitting outside the store.

“I ran outside and found a box sitting next to a trash can,” McCloskey told The Dodo. “I was instantly filled with anger.”

rabbit rescue box
Kylie McCloskey

The cardboard box had a hand-drawn sign taped to the front that said, “I called police, animal control, SPCA … no one wants me. Please help me.” When McCloskey opened it up, a scared rabbit looked back at her.

Someone had abandoned her there, with no concern for where she ended up next.

rabbit rescue new york
Kylie McCloskey

McCloskey scooped up the box and brought the rabbit inside — and it wasn’t long before she decided to welcome her into the family.

“I couldn’t understand how someone could just leave their pet outside in the cold like that,” McCloskey said. “I called my boyfriend and asked him to come pick her up and bring her home.”

rabbit rescue new york
Kylie McCloskey

The bunny, whom the couple named Mooloo, was so cold and scared that she barely wanted to move from the box when she first got home. Luckily, after a few minutes indoors, she started warming up and hopped outside the box to explore.

“She showed interest and curiosity, but was pretty shy,” McCloskey said. “Each day she has opened up more and more. She has become more playful, energetic and has showed signs of being relaxed as well.”

Luckily, Mooloo is showing every sign of being healthy, and also has a great appetite.

rabbit rescue new york
Mooloo lounging in her new home | Kylie McCloskey

Rabbits are especially sensitive animals, but when comfortable, they love running around and exploring just like dogs or cats. They can also be very affectionate; many rabbits will give their family little kisses on their hands or faces to show love.

And thanks to McCloskey, Mooloo has a family now — and she’ll never be left to fend for herself in the cold ever again. She is the family’s first-ever bunny, and she’s doing quite a good job at showing just how energetic and playful they can be.

“They [rabbits] are amazing,” McCloskey said. “Yesterday she was zooming all over the place and playing tag with us. She loves when we have floor time and will run laps around your legs like it’s a racetrack. You can tell that she is a lot more comfortable than she was at first, and is even comfortable with my dog and cat.”

rabbit rescue new york
Kylie McCloskey

It’s clear that little Mooloo has already stolen her new family’s hearts — and all it took was their kindness to change her life forever.

To help rabbits in need, and support educational programs about bunny care, you can make a donation to House Rabbit Society.
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