People Discover This Guy Curled Up On City Bus

Rumplesnakeskin is a "very friendly snake" who "likes to be held" — and he just got adopted!

Riding a bus in Palo Alto, California, last month was a very unusual passenger. 

"No one is quite certain how the snake ended up on the bus," Buffy Martin-Tarbox, communications manager for the Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA (PHS/SPCA), told the San Francisco Gate, "but we are grateful someone spotted him and he was safely removed from the bus." 

Snake found on bus
Peninsula Humane Society
Python found on city bus in Palo Alto, California
Peninsula Humane Society

The young ball python, who is about 2 feet in length, was brought to the shelter, where he was named Rumplesnakeskin and observed to be a "very friendly snake" who "likes to be held." 

Snake found on Palo Alto bus
Peninsula Humane Society

He was also given a patch of ersatz grass on which to slither around, while waiting for the perfect forever home. 

Snake up for adoption at rescue center
Peninsula Humane Society

"He’s very curious and enjoys being handled," Martin-Tarbox told The Dodo. "He’s shedding right now and we’re trying to not handle him too much while he’s going through this process."

Quite fortunately, Rumplesnakeskin didn't have to wait very long at all for a forever home. This week a family fell in love with the slithery sweetheart.

Snake found on Palo Alto bus
Peninsula Humane Society

Heather Beck, a nurse who lives in San Mateo, California, took Rumplesnakeskin home on Wednesday.

"Her daughter Brianna is 12 years old, already has three snakes and absolutely loves reptiles," Martin-Tarbox told The Dodo.

Snake getting adopted
Heather Beck picking up Rumplesnakeskin from the shelter | Peninsula Humane Society
Adopted snake with new person
Rumplesnakeskin meeting Brianna, Beck's 12-year-old daughter who loves snakes | Heather Beck

“When we saw him on the news, we knew he was perfect," Beck told The Dodo. "He’s so sweet and gentle and he will be a very much loved member of our family.”

Python found on Palo Alto bus
Peninsula Humane Society

Rumplesnakeskin’s new family will include the three other aforementioned snakes, as well as two dogs and a cat — all of them are rescues.