Adorably Naughty Dog Comes With A Set Of Rules For House Guests


Dogs don’t come with an instruction manual.

Well, actually, this pup named Hank kinda does.

Abbey Swimm

The super-cute young golden retriever belongs to Lindsey Swimm’s sister, Abbey. Since getting together, Hank and Abbey have been pretty much inseparable — that is, until something else catches the pup’s eye (which apparently happens a lot).

“Hank is in absolute love with Abbey,” Lindsey Swimm told The Dodo. “But his inner adventurer has been making him chase anything from birds and rabbits, to joggers and bicyclists down the road in front of our house.”

House guests unfamiliar with Hank’s ways might never guess the level of vigilance required to keep the cute pup from going too far astray. So, for them, Abbey decided to make this — a list of “Hank Rules”:

Lindsey Swimm

“I died laughing when I saw it,” Swimm said. “Hank would so be completely guilty of the things she wrote.”

Now, to be fair to Hank, most of the rules could be aptly applied to any rambunctious pup, though there’s certainly something hilarious about seeing it laid out so plainly.

Clearly, each point of emphasis arose from a lesson Abbey learned the hard way.

Abbey Swimm

Sure, the pup may need a little guidance at times. But just having him around makes it all worth it:

“Hank is by far the goofiest golden retriever ever,” Swimm said.

You might even say, "he rules."