Curious Puppy Goes Exploring And Gets Very, Very Stuck

Her mom was SO worried and wouldn't leave her side while rescuers worked to free her ❤️

This puppy may be tiny — but the ruckus she caused last Friday in Bastrop County, Texas, is anything but.

Jennifer Carroll, executive director of Wags, Hope and Healing, got a call from a local woman who was panicked because her puppy had stuck her head where it didn’t belong: inside an old tire.

rescue puppy tire texas
Wags, Hope and Healing

“I coached her over the phone on how to get her out using some grease, but it didn’t work,” Carroll told The Dodo. “That’s when we needed to call the fire department.”

rescue puppy texas tire
Wags, Hope and Healing

The puppy’s dog mom, a 5-year-old Lab named Foxy, knew her baby was in trouble.

“It was stressful for her hearing her puppy cry out,” Carroll said. “Other mothers may have been aggressive to protect their baby, but she knew everyone was helping.”

rescue puppy texas tire
Rescuers trying to free the puppy | Wags, Hope and Healing

Bastrop County’s animal services and fire departments were both on the scene within minutes — but even a metal cutter and the Jaws of Life weren’t a match for the tire.

“One of the firefighters had this revelation that when young pups sit down, they squish their neck,” Carroll said. “So after trying all the tools, they did a little puppy yoga and managed to get her free.”

rescue puppies texas
Two first responders with the rescued puppy | Wags, Hope and Healing

After such a dramatic rescue, Foxy was so glad to see her daughter safe. As rescuers held the pup toward her mom, she kept licking her.

“It was so cute,” Carroll said. “Her mom licked her clean and was really happy to have her back.”

texas puppy rescue labrador
Foxy welcoming her daughter to safety | Wags, Hope and Healing

Since Foxy and her young pups were unspayed and unneutered, the rescue has coordinated to have all of the dogs go in for the surgeries, in addition to being microchipped. The puppies will be available for adoption through the rescue beginning this weekend, and, after being spayed, Foxy will return home to her human family.

dog puppy rescue texas tire
More of the puppies from the rescue | Wags, Hope and Healing

Playing off the curious pup’s misadventure, Carroll and the team have named all the puppies after tire brands, including Goodyear, Michelin and Dunlop.

rescue puppies texas tire
The puppies at the rescue | Wags, Hope and Healing

“We’re really thankful for animal services and the fire department — and to the dogs’ owner for helping us help her dog and the puppies,” Carroll said. “The puppies are all so sweet and we’re sure they’ll find great homes very soon.”

rescue puppies texas tires
Two of the puppies snuggling at the rescue | Wags, Hope and Healing
If you’re interested in adopting Goodyear or one of her siblings, you can visit the rescue’s website for more information. To support more adoption and spay/neuter programs in Texas, you can make a donation to Wags, Hope and Healing.