Family Finds A Clever Way To Let New Puppy Pick His Own Name

He chose the perfect one 🐕

As the one thing they’ll likely hear most in their lifetimes, names are important things for dogs — yet rarely are they given a chance to weigh in on the matter. (Sorry, Fluff McPoofybottom.)

This family, however, found a clever way to let their new pup actually name himself.

Erika Maribel

Recently, TikTok user Erika Maribel and her family hosted a naming party for their adorable puppy. But rather than simply give the young dog a moniker and call it a day, they went about things a little differently.

The family wrote a variety of different name options on folded pieces of paper, and arranged them on the floor with a dog treat atop each. They then directed the as-yet-unnamed puppy to pick whichever one he wanted most.

Here's video of how they played out:

The little pup, in the end, picked the name Canuto — which, according to this site about the meaning of names, denotes "a charming being who is highly pleasant."

Certainly from the looks of it, Canuto made the perfect choice.