Cop Finds 10-Week-Old Puppy In A Box On The Side Of The Road

He planned to foster her until she found a home — but realized he couldn’t let her go.

It was 87 degrees Fahrenheit the day Deputy Earl Hanners found the puppy.

Hanners was working a car accident near Atlanta, Georgia, when he heard an unusual call come through the dispatch radio. Someone had found a 10-week-old puppy inside a box that had been abandoned on the side of the road.

Puppy abandoned in cardboard box
Deputy Hanners checking out the cardboard box in which the puppy was found | Earl Hanners

“She was in a cardboard box and it was closed in,” Hanners said. “A passerby saw the box and stopped, and saw there was a puppy in it. So he opened up the box and laid it on the side and got some water for it, then called 911.”

Since Hanners was busy with the car accident, another officer went to check out the puppy and ended up calling animal control. But as soon as Hanners could, he went to help the puppy himself.

Puppy abandoned in cardboard box
Earl Hanners

“I told the guy ... to cancel animal control,” Hanners said. “I’m going to take the puppy and get her to a vet and check her out.”

When Hanners got there, the puppy hadn’t moved — she just laid beside the box, hot and dehydrated.

Hanners lifted up the puppy, whom he named Bridget, and placed her in his patrol car. Then he zoomed home.

Rescued puppy in her new home
Bridget after being rescued | Earl Hanners

“We got her on the back porch, and I called my vet’s office and told them what I had,” Hanners said. “I gave her water and food, and just let her kick back and relax and regroup from all the heat. She ate about three or four bowls of food and water.”

Hanners quickly realized he didn’t want to let go of her — instead of finding her a home, he decided to give Bridget one himself.

Rescued puppy on porch
Earl Hanners

Bridget isn’t the first dog Hanners has rescued — he also has eight rescue pugs, and he fosters dogs for a local rescue group called Hounds in Pounds.

But before introducing Bridget to the other dogs, Hanners made sure she was fully checked over by the vet and vaccinated. To play it extra safe, Hanners also kept Bridget isolated for 10 days.

Rescued puppy in dog bed
Earl Hanners

But the other dogs couldn’t wait to meet Bridget — and when they finally did meet, they got along really well, Hanners said.

“We just introduced her to the other dogs in the house last night,” Hanners said. “It just takes a day or two of watching, and they blend right into the pack.”

Man and his rescue dogs
Hanner and his other rescue dogs | Earl Hanners

Unfortunately, no one has been caught for abandoning Bridget inside the cardboard box, and the initial investigation didn’t lead anywhere. But the good news is that Bridget is alive and well, and she’s found the perfect family who will love her forever.

“She just loves to cuddle,” Hanners said. “She loves my grandchildren. She’s just a very, very sweet loving dog.”

Cop cuddling rescue dog
Earl Hanners