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Tiniest Puppy Found Wandering Alone In The Middle Of Nowhere

"I just can't understand why someone would do this."

It was a very hot day in northern Spain recently, pushing 100 degrees outside, and the people and animals at an animal sanctuary there were just trying to stay cool.

But when you're in the animal rescuing game, there's never really a day off. And that fact was underscored by some whimpering one of the cofounders of Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary heard coming from underneath his car. 

There was a tiny puppy taking shelter beneath the vehicle. He was covered in ticks and fleas and could hardly even breathe.

"Oh my god, you guys," Abigail Geer, cofounder of the sanctuary, wrote on Instagram. "Look what Mikey found dumped under our car. I honestly can't believe it."

The sanctuary deliberately keeps its exact location under wraps to prevent this very thing from happening; people who, for some reason, won't take responsibility for their animals sometimes decide to abandon them at the sanctuary's doorstep.

But it still sometimes happens. And of course Geer and her crew could not turn this tiny puppy away. They rushed him to the vet.

It turned out the puppy, whom they named Ragnar, was suffering from emphysema (air trapped around his lungs making his breathing labored), which was likely caused by an injury. 

After a few visits to the vet, Ragnar started feeling better. He was accompanied by a rooster, William, who also was due for a visit to the clinic.

But he was still small for being away from his mom.

"He's clearly missing his mum too and whimpers a lot," Geer wrote. "He's so small it's unbelievable! Literally half the size of a cat."

Now Ragnar is making friends at the sanctuary. He loves snuggling and playing with Teddy, an older dog at Mino Valley, who, oddly enough, was also dumped and found under the founder's car four years ago.

We may never know what happened to this poor puppy in the short time before he was abandoned at the sanctuary β€” but it's safe to say that his future is looking brighter every day.

The people at Mino Valley Farm Sanctuary already take care of 150 animals rescued from neglect and mistreatment. With Ragnar joining its ranks, the sanctuary could really use your help.