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Tiniest Puppies Decide To Explore Pool Of Tar — And Can't Get Out

People spent days trying to rescue them.

When three tiny puppies accidentally fell into a pool of tar in India, they got stuck in the sticky substance very, very quickly, and were unable to move even the littlest bit. Terrified, the puppies began crying as loudly as they could — and didn’t stop until finally, someone noticed them. 

Rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited came out to help the puppies as soon as they heard about their plight, but were a little disheartened when they saw just how stuck the puppies were. One of the puppies’ mouths was stuck open from the tar, and their cries were so loud and heartbreaking. 

They could see immediately that it would be impossible to get the puppies completely free from the tar right then and there … 

… so they decided to work around it, cutting out slabs of tar and earth so they could at least get the puppies back to the hospital to continue their rescue efforts there. 

Once all three puppies were freed from the tar pit, the rescuers rushed them to the Animal Aid Unlimited hospital and set about trying to free them from the tar once and for all. The puppies were so young and small and had already been through so much, rescuers were worried they might not survive the ordeal. Regardless, they knew they had to try to save their lives. 

Rescuers began applying oil to the puppies' fur to try and soften the tar … 

… and just kept applying it, over and over again, as the tar slowly began to come off the puppies’ tiny little bodies. 

The poor puppies were still so scared and tired, but they let their rescuers scrub and massage them, because they seemed to sense that they were there to help them. It took two hours of applying oil to the puppies before the tar even started to soften at all, but rescuers refused to stop. They knew they couldn’t give up. 

Finally, after so many hours, the little puppies could stand on their own again, and it seemed that, despite the odds, they were going to recover. 

The puppies still needed many more oil massages and baths over the next three days to free them of the tar completely … 

… but finally, they reached a point where they looked like happy, healthy puppies again, and started acting like it, too. 

After spending so long trying to save the puppies’ lives and actually succeeding, rescuers still had one more miracle up their sleeves. Somehow, they were able to track down the mother of the puppies, and brought her to the shelter to be reunited with her babies. 

The puppies were so happy to see their mom again, and even happier to finally be free from the sticky tar. Thanks to their rescuers they’re going to be completely fine — as long as they steer clear of any additional tar pits in the future. 

Watch the full video of this incredible rescue below: 

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