Naughty Pug Discovers How To Lock His Sister In Her Crate

“It blew my freakin’ mind” 😂

No matter how much you love your brother or sister, a little sibling rivalry is impossible to avoid. That’s what Andrew Nechetsky discovered when it came to his two pugs — Elphie and Terrell “Sizzle” Suggs.

The two dogs have been inseparable since Sizzle was adopted as a puppy from Delaware Valley Pug Rescue. In fact, Elphie would go to great lengths to spend extra time with her little brother.

Pug siblings cuddling on the couch
Andrew Nechetsky

“I leave for work before my wife does, and she would always put him in the crate as he was a puppy,” Nechetsky told The Dodo. “We would put a gate in between the kitchen and the hallway so Elphie wouldn’t bother him while we were gone.”

However, when Nechetsky got home, he would find Sizzle roaming around outside of his crate. He assumed his wife forgot to lock it — but soon realized that Elphie was to blame for the jailbreak. “We learned that she figured out how to climb over the gate,” Nechetsky said, “and she would let him out of the crate.”

Elphie the pug climbs over her gate
Andrew Nechetsky

The couple stopped locking Sizzle in the crate while they were away, but the pups’ hijinks didn’t end there. 

Weeks later, Nechetsky arrived home to find a new mystery: Elphie was locked in her brother’s crate. But there was no way to lock the crate from the inside.

“I started coming home from work and I’d open the front door and hear her crying. I walk into the kitchen and see her locked in the crate,” Nechetsky said. “I honestly couldn’t for the life of me figure out how she got in there.”

Pug locks his sister in a crate
Andrew Nechetsky

When he checked the home cameras, he couldn’t find anything suspicious. Then, one day, Sizzle casually strolled into the kitchen and Nechetsky decided to follow him.

“I see him open the crate, then he walks away and grabs a little pig toy and he puts it in the crate,” Nechetsky said. “He walked away and waited, she went looking for her pig, saw it in the crate, walked in and sat next to it. Then he closed the door and used his mouth to latch it shut. It blew my freakin' mind.”

You can watch the hilarious video here:

Nechetsky rushed to let Elphie out of the crate but, sure enough, a few hours later Sizzle did it again. When Nechetsky showed his wife a video of Sizzle’s trickery later that day, they decided to get rid of the crate once and for all.

Though they couldn't get rid of Sizzle's guilty expression.

Andrew Nechetsky

While Sizzle’s behavior might seem like a bit of sibling rivalry, Nechetsky swears the little pug had no ill intentions toward his sister. “I think he did it as a game,” Nechetsky said. “He loves to play with her — they get along great.”

Now that the crate is gone, there is peace once again in the household. “Every day I come home now they’re cuddling on the couch,” Nechetsky said. “These pups are the best, even when they’re bad.”

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