Dog Likes To Test His Family's Devotion By Making Himself 'Disappear'

"He does not move when we call for him. He just stares" 😂

Meet Sonic — a sweet little pug whose family simply adores having him around. But Sonic found a way to test their love, just to be sure:

By making himself disappear.

Junior Alvarado

For years, Sonic has had a funny habit of going into hiding when he feels not enough attention is being paid to him. His favorite hiding spot, however, offers little in the way of true concealment. Sonic has no idea.

From there, behind lace curtains, he likes to watch his family worry — a dose of panic to remind them how much worse things are when he's not around.

"He does not move when we call for him. He just stares," Junior Alvarado, Sonic's owner, told The Dodo. "He thinks that we do not see him."

Here's video of Sonic delighting in his family's desperate search. He's really showing them.

Alvarado and his family always know where Sonic is hiding, of course, but they play along to show him how much they care.

"He just peers through the curtains as we pretend to look for him," Alvarado said.

Junior Alvarado

Once Sonic senses his family has learned their lesson (or may be on the verge of abandoning the search), he'll reveal himself to put them back at ease. 

"We'll make a comment like, 'Oh, look! There's Sonic!'" Alvarado said.

Junior Alvarado

Sonic does this just about every day, and those who love him always pass the test. Sonic, after all, deserves nothing less.

"He's a very pampered dog," Alvarado said. "We are animal lovers. We treat him like family."