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Professor Brings Dog To Class And Gives Students a Pop Quiz About Her

She was SUCH a good girl.

David Chapnick walked into his 7 p.m. Consumer Law and Policy class one evening, ready for some hard work at the end of a long day — when to his surprise and delight, he noticed the class had a brand-new student in attendance that night. 

The professor’s dog, Maggie. 

professor gives quiz about his dog
David Chapnick

“The first time Maggie came into class, everyone was fawning over her,” Chapnick, a student at the University of Vermont, told The Dodo. “She is a very calm and lovable dog. Personally, I felt that having her in class really instilled a brighter mood and atmosphere, which is very helpful in a course that first starts at 7 o’clock in the evening.” 

All of the students were thrilled to meet Maggie and have her wandering around during class, and Maggie seemed just as happy to be there, excited to have the opportunity to learn. 

professor gives quiz about his dog
David Chapnick

During one of Maggie’s visits, students walked into class for the evening — and discovered the best quiz ever displayed on the screen at the front of the classroom:

How do you feel about Maggie?
A. She’s a good dog. 
B. She’s a very good dog, yes she is. 
C. She’s the best dog. 
D. She is the Platonic ideal of a dog. 
E. I don’t like dogs, but despite my generalized dislike of all things canine, I make an exception for Maggie, because that’s how great she is. 

professor gives quiz about his dog
David Chapnick

The professor used the quiz to take attendance for the day, and there’s no doubt that everyone was in a fantastic mood after getting to take such a fun and uplifting quiz. 

As the class went on, Maggie proceeded to prove the validity of the quiz, by being the goodest girl anyone had ever seen.

professor gives quiz about his dog
David Chapnick

“Maggie is always very well-behaved,” Chapnick said. “For most of the class, she’ll be meandering in and out of the rows of students, stopping once in a while to sniff a bag or receive a pet from someone. Maybe once or twice a class, she’ll bark at the door, just to let my professor know that someone is there. But by the end of class, without fail, she will always be found right at the feet of our professor.” 

Having a dog in class definitely helped the students want to learn even more, and hopefully Maggie will be able to attend many more classes in the future. 

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