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Officer Notices 'Sea Turtle' In Water — Then Realizes It Has Fur

He was just in time to save a life 💪💕

Last week, off the coast of Florida, Sgt. Brian Parkton was patrolling the waters in an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office's Marine Unit vessel when he noticed something swimming beneath a local bridge.

At first, the officer believed it to be just another marine animal — but his insistence on getting a closer look ultimately saved a life.

Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

"From a distance, he thought it was the head of a sea turtle swimming under the bridge," the sheriff's office wrote online. "Once [Parkton] got closer, he saw white fur."

Turns out, the frantic swimmer was actually a frightened little dog who had reportedly fallen from a family's pontoon boat, a fact that was noticed too late. This harrowing footage captured by Parkton shows what happened next.

The frightened dog had been rescued just in time, and was soon reunited with his family.

Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office

Hopefully this dog's scary ordeal will act as a reminder to other families considering taking their own pups out on the water. Life jackets for dogs are readily available, and just like for people, they can be instrumental in saving lives.