Adorable Police Dog Learns To Sniff Out Hidden Toilet Paper

The pup we all need 😂

Meet Mac — a hardworking detection dog with the Scotland Police.

Though the handsome pup has made a name for himself among law enforcement for uncovering illegal drugs, Mac has turned his keen nose toward finding something far from illicit, albeit recently hard to come by.

Twitter/Scotland Police Dogs

With toilet paper supplies running low in supermarkets around the world, Mac's police colleagues devised a way to ensure that they're never short on TP during these challenging times.

Evidently, they trained him to sniff it out.

Here's a video of Mac in action, hot on the scent trail of a precious hidden roll:

To be fair, this TP hunt appears to be a lighthearted way for Mac and his colleagues to pass the time while keeping the pup sharp on his paws. Still, it must be reassuring to know that, if worst comes to worst, the faithful detection dog can track down a roll when it might be needed most.